Altın Orman

Prices starting from 51.000 € and up to 60 months interest rate of 0.98%

Nature is an essential factor in our lives. Breathing in the clean and blue sky while enjoying green landscapes is a sense of charming life. In order to experience all these factors together, we are building a masterpiece at Izmir’s summit, where you will experience eternity in every breath, with its own grove. We located this project in a specific area for easy access. Altın Orman comes to life as a project that meets your passions with Gordion Group’s (with 36 years of assurance).

Altin Orman project will be the largest project in the Burnoa region located in Altındağ area. this project will play a leading role in developing the region. the location of this project also is easily accessible, close to transportation terminals, hospital, and downtown which is an attractive point for honorable customers who want to buy a house.






Izmir-Istanbul highway

The president announced the completion date of Izmir-Istanbul highway

According to Turkish president; Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the project will be completed by the end of the year.

construction of Altin Orman (27/05/2019)

The construction of Altin Orman continues unceasingly (27/05/2019)

You can track the progress made at the site of the Altin Orman Project from our site.

Uçan Yol project

Images of overpass construction in the operations of Uçan Yol project

Follow up on the latest events related to overpass construction on our website (April 30, 2019).