Gordion Grup

Altin Orman


You have opened a golden page in your life, Welcome to the Altin Orman

It is the best part of our lives peace of embracing the green and breathing in the blue. For living all these colors together, we are building a masterpiece with its own conservation that will make you feel eternity in every breath of it, at the best part of İzmir. Also We are planning to have a location that is the easiest to reach the airport. Altin Orman with 36 years of Gordion Group assurance responds all your needs and makes your dreams come true.

You'll be obsessed with it

With its own beautiful forest, 28.000 m2 landscape and 180.000 m2 construction area; a semi-olympic pool area consisting of 1215 houses with, 80% of which having both north and south perspective, and 3 dazzling blocks overlooking the sea. Are you ready for a new life concept that make you feel special?

You will live pleasantly

You know Izmir. A city for 24.5 hours’ day and night, undoubtly will make you fell in love with, first time you see. only If you were to draw a house in the sky designing happiness, it could have been so great. We believe that the Altın Orman Izmır project, will bring you beyond of what you expect. with cafes you will have best Turkish cuisine with your family and friends, with a clean climate in the specially designed barbecue area, entertainment area for children, ,and a supermarket with most up-to-date products, the semi-Olympic pool and the exclusive forest near the Echin-Yolt and Konak tunnel, which makes it easy to reach the city center, offering an unbelievable location close to the Echin-Yoll and the Connaught tunnel, it will make you have a good time, now we ask you : wouldn’t it beautiful living in this smart home, where comfort and safety are at the top of its criteria list? surely it thinks about you more than yourself.


All brands have come to your house. Which one do you prefer if you want to choose between purchasing a home and shopping? It's better not to do this because both of them are now available at the same time

For happier and Healthy Children

Children who are enthralled with nature are one of the important details for raising generations full of peace. Altin Orman is a project of happiness that has been designed for children. Our children will be able to enjoy their time in the playgrounds with their friends in nature.

36 Years of Trust

It is built with 36 years of building experience and latest architectural technology.

The trends are temporary but comfort is always permanent, Altin Orman designed with these details is so close to your ideal city in your mind. Altin Orman is a building designed to distract your closest concerns.

Golden condition

The Altin Orman project will be the largest project located in the Altin daga of Burnoa area. This project with its prominent feature will play a great role in development of the city of Izmir. Also, with its convenient location and availability of hospitals and downtown, it attracts the attention of customers who want to buy house in this beautiful city.

Our project is friendly with both nature and human

By placing solar panels on the terraces of building and lighting, we have focused on the use of clean energy. We also save rain water for greenery.

We made part of the proceeds of the project to be transmitted to TEGEV 33%, to 33% to HAYTAP and 33% to the Aegean Forestry Foundation.